Various Artists - We Are Ten! The Birthday Presents (Heavenly Sweetness)

Parisian label Heavenly Sweetness celebrated their tenth birthday in 2017, with this impressive collaborative compilation.

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Riko Dan - Hard Food EP (Tectonic Recordings)

13 years on from when it all started Bristol-based Tectonic reach their 100th release with an EP featuring Roll Deep MC – Riko Dan.

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John Morales - The M+M Mixes Vol. 4 (BBE)

This 4th volume of M&M Mixes on BBE is without doubt the most ambitious yet, containing gems from Barry White, Diana Ross, Level 42, Teddy Pendergrass and Eddie Kendricks among others, all woven together with that special, intricate M&M magic.

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Various Artists - AUS100 (Aus Music)

A fitting testament to the unwavering quality of the Aus Music output and the great artists they’ve helped bring to the world over the last 10 years!

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Various Artists - Hypercolour - 10 Years (Hypercolour)

Our friends at Hypercolour celebrated 10 years of the label with a super-sized compilation featuring a plethora of talents who’ve appeared on the imprint over the last decade.

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Joey Negro & Sean P present The Best of Disco Spectrum (BBE)

18 years on from the release of the very first ‘Disco Spectrum’ LP, Joey Negro and Sean P revisit the project.

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New Jackson - From Night To Night (All City)

‘From Night To Night’ sees Kitt take full advantage of the LP format, providing a standout offering through Dublin’s All City Records.

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College - Shanghai (Invada)

Frenchmen David Grellier AKA College is back with a third full length album via Invada Records

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Jackmaster - DJ-Kicks (!K7)

In the world of official and fully-licensed DJ mixes, the !K7 DJ-Kicks series is about as big as it gets. Over two decades on from the first instalment back in 1995, the 54th edition sees Glaswegian Jack Revill AKA Jackmaster take control.

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Jigmastas – Resurgence (BBE)

We know Spinna’s production like the back of our hand, which made working on Resurgence a treat from start to finish.

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Joe Volk - Happenings & Killings (Glitterhouse)

Where previous efforts such as Derwent Waters Saint adhered to a strict tradition, Happiness & Killings is the sound of an artist spreading his wings in fine style.

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Coves – Peel (1965 Records)

We’ve been very happy to watch the rise of Coves since they first came to us some years back.

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The Comet Is Coming – Channel The Spirits (The Leaf Label)

Comprised of members of Soccer96 and Sons Of Kemet, this is a collective brimming with the kind of madcap invention and finely honed skill we love to sink our teeth into.

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Leron Thomas – Cliquish (Heavenly Sweetness)

After the .. Take It LP, Leron Thomas made the leap to our favourite French jazz heads Heavenly Sweetness with the wonderful Cliquish LP.

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Black Coffee - Pieces Of Me (Soulistic Music)

Way back in 2007 we cut his Even Though single for Real Tone Records, and now some nine years later we take great pleasure in helping toast the barnstorming success of his latest album, Pieces Of Me.

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Brawther - Endless (Balance)

Endless creates the definitive statement for Brawther’s work so far.

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Various Artists - 20 Years Of Henry Street Music (BBE)

House labels don’t come much more seminal than Henry Street.

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Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow - Ex Machina O.S.T (Invada)

Alex Garland’s thought-provoking sci-fi film Ex-Machina has given rise to an equally affecting score that finds both artists digging deep.

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Cliff Martinez - Far Cry 4 O.S.T (Invada)

An engrossing listen of its own accord, Martinez’s score to Far Cry 4 enhanced the exotic, nail-biting atmosphere of the game a treat.

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The Answer - Raise A Little Hell (Napalm Records)

On this latest album they’ve made their intentions clear from the title upwards, and there’s no shortage of searing riffs and righteous vocals to shake out the cobwebs.

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Courtney Pine - Song [The Ballad Book] (Creative People Music)

Pine has called upon equally accomplished pianist Zoe Rahman to act as a sparring partner, while he himself focuses on the bass clarinet across ten tracks that rank amongst some of his finest work.

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Kerrier District - Kerrier District 4 (Hypercolour)

11 years on from the first KD album, Vibert is back in action on Hypercolour with his tongue-in-cheek samples and rock solid grooves intact.

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Polar Bear - Same As You (The Leaf Label)

It’s always an intriguing and unpredictable experience working on a new project for Polar Bear

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Malachai – Beyond Ugly (Domino)

This album and it’s sisters will stand testament to the ability to turn a huge array of influences into a coherent body of work.

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Get The Blessing – Lope And Antilope (Naim)

It’s no surprise that news of a new album from the award winning and deadpan GTB brings a wry smile to the face of the cognoscenti.

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The Treatment – Running With The Dogs (Spinefarm)

The Treatment play classic rock with hearts on sleeves rather than tongues in cheeks.

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Gonga – Concrescence (Tonehenge)

After a long hiatus, Gonga return with their first album as a power trio minus vocalist.

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The People The Poet – The Narrator (TPTP)

Cardiff’s TPTP collected experiences from fans and expertly crafted them into touching narratives to create an album worthy of it’s three year gestation.

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Coves – Soft Friday (Nettwerk)

If Mazzy Star came from Leamington Spa they would sound like Coves.

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A Sagittariun – Dream Ritual (Elastic Dreams)

A Sagittarian builds on the promise of his self-released singles with a full-length trip into the misty-eyed nostalgia of 90s techno and electronica.

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Roly Porter – Life Cycle Of A Massive Star (Subtext)

Roly Porter has certainly changed tact with his solo output to focus on a more avant-garde kind of music.

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Livity Sound – S/T (Livity Sound)

With elements of techno, dub and grime colliding with the undefinable, this CD compilation neatly rounds up the first phase of the label…

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Arthur Russell – Another Thought (Arc Light Editions)

In the ever-quickening appetite of vinyl reissue culture, it was inevitable that this classic collection of Arthur Russell would receive a much-deserved reappraisal.

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Huxley – Blurred (Aus Music)

If you need to test the temperature of UK club sounds in these genre-blending times, look no further than the debut LP from Huxley.

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The Cyclist – Flourish (All City Records)

After an impressive debut LP on Stones Throw-affiliated Leaving Records, Andrew Morrison’s The Cyclist project moves a bit closer to home…

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Clint Mansell - In The Wall (Death Waltz)

After his legendary work on Black Swan, Requiem For A Dream and Moon, it was a treat to go to task on Clint’s work…

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Juju & Jordash - Techno Primitivism (Dekmantel)

It’s been many a year we’ve been working with Gal and Jordan on their thoroughly left-of-centre house and techno experiments…

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Courtney Pine: House Of Legends (Destin-E World)

To mark 50 years of Caribbean independence, Courtney Pine has steeped this, his latest project in the sounds of his forefathers…

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Neil Davidge: Halo 4 OST (7Hz Productions)

There’s no denying that video games are an ever-increasingly big business, and the Halo series surely ranks as one of the biggest of them all…

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OST - Room 237 (Death Waltz Recording Company)

Appealing to die-hard fans of The Shining everywhere, Rodney Ascher’s documentary Room 237 explores the many theories and implied hidden meanings locked up in Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece….

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Earthtone 9 - IV (Earthtone)

Earthtone 9 hail from the city of rock itself, Nottingham. Now back with a gloriously brutal new album IV produced by Romesh Dodangoda…

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Thought Forms - Ghost Mountain (Invada)

We’ve always worked closely with Invada Records, and in kind they’ve kept us stocked up on our fix of leftfield rock music from experimental frontiers…

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Various - DJ Deep - Kern Vol. 1 (Tresor)

We’ve been working with Cyril Etienne, better known as DJ Deep, for many years, and so it was a great pleasure to master his latest compilation for Tresor…

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Various - Vagabundos 2013 mixed by Argy & Andrea Oliva (Cadenza)

Luciano’s Vagabundos collective return for 2013 with a new compilation album plus another party season in Ibiza….

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Outboxx - Outboxx (Idle Hands)

Outboxx have been plying their trade for a fair few years now, but their debut album for Idle Hands should see them reach a whole new level of recognition…

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Boddhi Satva – “Invocation” (BBE)

After years spent offering his “ancestral soul” remixes of prime house nuggets at the request of Osunlade, Bob Sinclair and Tony Humphries amongst others…

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Blundetto – “Warm My Soul” (Heavenly Sweetness)

With the summer just around the corner, there can be no better time for a new Blundetto record…

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Author – “Author” (Tectonic)

We’re no stranger to the work of Jack Sparrow here, having worked on his full-length and various singles for Tectonic over the years…

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Kryptic Minds – “Can’t Sleep” (Black Box)

Former D&B producers turned dubstep champions Kryptic Minds found favour with their LP on Loefah’s Swamp81 imprint…

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Get The Blessing – “OC/DC” (Naim Jazz)

Always a firm favourite down here at Optimum, it was a pleasure to welcome back Get The Blessing for album number 3.

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Yolanda Brown – “April Showers, May Flowers” (Black Grape Records)

Having received plaudit after plaudit (most notably two MOBO’s) as a concert saxophonist, Yolanda Brown made good her musical career by committing her sultry tones to CD.

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Various Artists – “Futureboogie 10” (Futureboogie)

After making the leap from promoters and managers to record label, it’s been a great year for the Futureboogie

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Munk - The Beat And The Bird (Gomma)

Mathias Modica & Jonas Imbery have been releasing their brand of twisted disco on their own Gomma label since 2000.

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Malachai - Return To The Ugly Side (Domino)

This year sees the return of prodigal sons Malachai. First signed to Island Records in 2007 the band went on to create notoriety with radio plaudits and live TV appearances featuring their sample-drive garage rock.

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Global Communication - Back In The Box (NRK)

Not just Back In The Box, but back together, Global Communication, AKA Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard, reunite following a 15 year hiatus…

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Gazelle Twin - 'The Entire City' (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray Records)

The debut album from Brighton-based musician Elizabeth Walling, aka Gazelle Twin, The Entire City is a haunting opera of dark electronica.

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Stuart McCallum - 'Distilled' (The Naim Label)

‘Distilled’ marks the third studio album from Stuart and sees him exploring his own take on downtempo music.

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Anthony Joseph & the Spasm Band - 'Rubber Orchestras' (Heavenly Sweetness)

Anthony Joseph’s fourth album with his Spasm Band is a shining example of how exciting the music can be.

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Akira Kiteshi - 'Industrial Avenue' (Afterglo)

In two short years Tommy Forrest has taken his Manga referencing moniker to the dizziest heights and most earth-quaking lows of dubstep.

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Hyetal - 'Broadcast' (Black Acre)

If ever there was an artist who embodied just how diverse a beast the dubstep template has mutated into, it’s Hyetal.

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Seth Troxler - 'The Lab 03' (NRK)

The wild-eyed poster boy of techno in 2011, Seth Troxler is equally famed for his personality as much as his music, but don’t let that detract from the fact that he’s one of the world’s most in-demand DJs for a reason.

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Zun Zun Egui - 'Katang' (Bella Union)

Teetering on the brink between careless abandon and thought-out precision, Zun Zun Egui pose one of the most energetic and original prospects in a world cluttered with identikit bands.

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The Answer - 'Revival' (Spinefarm/Universal)

‘Revival’ marks the latest studio album from the Northern Irish rockers The Answer and dispels many of the myths of a “difficult third album”.

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Funeral For A Friend - 'Welcome Home Armageddon' (Distiller)

If you haven’t heard FFAF before, where have you been for eight years?! While lesser “screamo” acts have come and gone, FFAF have returned with quite possibly their best work yet.

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