Funeral For A Friend - 'Welcome Home Armageddon' (Distiller)

If you haven’t heard FFAF before, where have you been for eight years?! While lesser “screamo” acts have come and gone, FFAF have returned with quite possibly their best work yet. This album combines a greater musicality with a brutal edge that is defined by the times we live in today.

That’s not to say they have had a breeze getting here. Five albums, line-up changes and acrimony may have spelled the end for some, but to come back and make an album every bit as fresh as your first is some achievement.

The post-hardcore scene that emerged from South Wales has not been a stranger to drama, but few bands have had their debut hailed as a “landmark in modern British rock music”. ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’ shows a lyrical maturity and dexterity of riff that will see these guys held in high esteem for many years to come.

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