Sunday Surgery


Sunday Surgeries are an opportunity to hear your mix in a professional environment through full range monitors and speak to an experienced mastering engineer with no obligation.

Is my mix finished ?
Can it be fixed in mastering ?
How does it compare to finished product ?
How loud is too loud ?

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Additional Details

Sessions are of one-hour duration and must be booked in advance.
Please indicate how many people will be attending.

Audio should be sent before the session and should ideally be free of mix-bus limiting with at least 2dB of peak headroom.
You are welcome to use our secure uplink here : –
We prefer stereo interleaved wav or aiff files although lower resolution is acceptable for assessment purposes only.
We cannot assess mixes by streaming.
Fees are refundable by way of a discount when ordering mastering at full price.

Advice given is free but only opinion and not gospel.

You are welcome to park in an Optimum Mastering parking space for the duration of your appointment.