Streaming Mastering

Over the last decade, digital audio streaming has rapidly grown to become the dominant listening format, necessitating the development of a new approach for streaming mastering. Global music industry revenue attributed to streaming continues to increase year on year, rising upwards of 60% in 2017.  As a result of this, online music streaming now makes up over 38% of overall industry revenue, compared to only 30% for all physical sales. Keeping up with these developments, Optimum now offer Streaming masters which are created to ensure a great listening experience is maintained when your tracks are streamed across various platforms.

Most of the major streaming platforms use a loudness normalisation process to set playback levels, for consistency across their platform. In response to this, Optimum now offer a streaming-specific mastering service to provide great results across all the major streaming platforms. Streaming masters are designed to ‘duck under’ the normalisation and retain all of the dynamic range of the original.