What is Online Mastering?

Online Mastering is a streamlined online booking system for Optimum’s digital mastering services. Simply select the number of tracks you wish to master and place your order. Upon payment confirmation you will be prompted to upload your audio and any notes you may have. Mastered audio will be sent to the email you booked with on completion.

How should I prepare my mixes for Online Mastering?

We prefer at least 24bit 44.1kHz interleaved stereo WAV or AIF.
Results are significantly improved if all mix bus compression and limiting is removed.
Ideally mixes should have at least 3-6dB of peak headroom.
Please ensure you are happy with your mix before submitting.

When will I receive my Mastered tracks?

Online Mastering orders will usually be returned within five working days.
For a faster turnaround (if possible), please email us info@optimum-mastering.com or call 44 (0)117 971 6901.

Can you Master for Vinyl?

We can provide vinyl mastering and lacquer cutting on site.
Please contact our Studio Manager for a quote info@optimum-mastering.com.

Can I attend the Mastering?

Online Mastering rates are discounted for unattended mastering sessions, but if you’d like to discuss an attended session please contact our Studio Manager for a quote info@optimum-mastering.com.

What is your revision policy?

We include a single round of revisions to the mastering using the originally submitted pre-master mixes, in the unlikely event you’re not 100% satisfied with the first master(s). Further revisions will need to be charged at the engineers’ discretion.
Please note that if a new mix is submitted, then this will need to be charged additionally at up to 100% of the original price.
Please contact our Studio Manager info@optimum-mastering.com to arrange for revisions.