Unsigned Mastering

Are you an unsigned artist looking to master your freshly recorded track?


Look no further!

From £50 per track, Optimum can master your track using state of the art gear and some of the most accomplished engineers in the game. Regular unsigned mastering discounts are often available too, so check the bottom of this page for a code if we’re currently running the discount.


Optimum Mastering proudly supports grassroots artists, whilst also bolstering the likes of Grammy Award-winning musicians and major label talent from across the world!

No artist should feel like their financial situation is blocking them from getting the best out of their music – if you are struggling with money, give us an email and we can find the deal that’s best for you!


For a limited time only, we’re offering a 15% discount for unsigned artists. Simply add the code “unsigned” at the checkout when using our webshop.



Photo by : Aron Weston

Photo by : Aron Weston